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The new bud….

There is a very old creeper in our home ,old as in 12 -14 years old .It is a flowering creeper but of late it seemed to be dying.Now when you get uses to something even if its jist a... Continue Reading →


This time let me talk(write) of this hypothetical person who has a hypothetical friend who fell apart on a rumour.  So friend A and B were friends since 8th standard kind of best friends. Till 10th they remained so always... Continue Reading →

A childhood fear….

See when I was a kid like 11 or 12 may be there was this channel called Star One that aired a show called "Shhhh....  koi hai" .Now basically it seems funny if you watch it now but to a... Continue Reading →

Point of a spear

Almost everytime that a program or event ends I tend to feel an odd sense of exhilaration and not exactly sadness but close to it.  Now it is one of the few times that I feel blue. I associated this... Continue Reading →


Sometimes life does seem harsh. What do you do then? Well, it's not up to you. Your karma will decide that. The main motto is to stride forward and keep moving. NO matter how much hard life hits you,  good... Continue Reading →

Addition to last post😀😁

This is an addition to my previous poem ,by a friend Harshal I found this almost better than my words Aankho ko nam karke aansu beh jaate hai, Dukhbhare lamhe palbhar me haseen ho jaate hai. Ye Lamhe tham jaate... Continue Reading →

Paths and roads……

So after lot of delaying and lolling around on the sofa I finally signed myself up for driving lessons(four wheeler, I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE A TWO WHEELER and anyone who doubts it is inviting death).Basically I loved the driving... Continue Reading →


Forget me nots. Those pretty little flowers that we read about in Famous Five. Personally I have not seen these flowers but the way they were described in the books they always seemed to be extremely pretty and forever forgotten. Just like... Continue Reading →

Deck the halls with boughs of holly………

(not a christmas photo but i suppose it will work just fine)  Our school used to really be decked up at Chirstmas with much more than holly. The air really used to get festive which was really not as much... Continue Reading →

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