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A Way out of this Maze 

​We live in this simple , small and genuinely (wait, is it? or is it your perspective?) beautiful world. Yes! that is what makes the difference -your perspective . Your damn perspective . You will feel what you want. You... Continue Reading →

War and pieces

I am basically that person who has a very quiet sort of life ,no struggles for justice,no nainsaafi for which I may rise my voice, no such intriguing happenings.So I don't really know how I will react to such an... Continue Reading →



I was reading this book called "Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods"(I know what you ve got to say about it but before you say it let me make 5his very clear it is not a children's book it is... Continue Reading →


Sometimes people come into our lives for a moment, a day or a year. But some stay with us for a lifetime. It doesn't matter how much time they have spent with you. The thing which matters is in what manner they impacted your life. However small, this impact will never go unnoticed.


TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO WERE BEST FRIENDS AND NO LONGER ARE Over 15 years I have changed 3 schools.Each one with its own set of best friends and promises to be BFFs .Best friends forever.Out of the 10 or... Continue Reading →

The new bud….

There is a very old creeper in our home ,old as in 12 -14 years old .It is a flowering creeper but of late it seemed to be dying.Now when you get uses to something even if its jist a... Continue Reading →


This time let me talk(write) of this hypothetical person who has a hypothetical friend who fell apart on a rumour.  So friend A and B were friends since 8th standard kind of best friends. Till 10th they remained so always... Continue Reading →

A childhood fear….

See when I was a kid like 11 or 12 may be there was this channel called Star One that aired a show called "Shhhh....  koi hai" .Now basically it seems funny if you watch it now but to a... Continue Reading →

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